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Permit Fees

(All fees for cemetery services are due and payable in full prior to use)

Cemetery Permit Fee$300

Anytime that a graveside is

identified and marked out for a burial, whether a casket or

urn, there is a fee due prior to services. 

Monument Permit Fee$50

Anytime a new monument, marker, private family mausoleum is to be installed in the cemetery, a fee as well as a Memorial Installation Application must be completed prior to the allowance of any installation. Correct placement of the foundation must be verified by a member of the cemetery committee prior to being poured. All graves must have at a minimum a 3"... buffer on each end of any memorial placed. All new graves purchased after January 1, 2020 shall be identified with a permanent monument made of granite, marble or bronze.  Said monument must be inscribed with name and dates of the decedent  and installed within twelve months of the date of the burial of a descendant within said grave space.

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